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Leading the way in Liquidation stock, the recession is still in full flow, regardless of the media telling us things are getting better – they are not. People are still losing their jobs, companies are still losing money and people are suffering.

But with so many companies falling into liquidation our phones are ringing with many clearance offers, it is amazing the amount of surplus stock available in the UK.

We have medical stock, machinary, tools, food & drink, electronics, gardening & pet supplies, clothing, footwear, PPE, storage solutions, electronics, accessories, toys and many more different types of product being offered to us on a weekly basis!  Liquidated stock is often good stock and here at CW we understand that. We offer and sell liquidated stock at the best prices as we work in clearance stock and making the market a better place for all of us with profits for everyone involved. 

Please give us a call if you are interested in buying or selling.

CW are a well placed and well funded company eager to buy bankrupt and liquidated stock. We are also able to pay you by immediate transfer, unlike many of our competitors. We offer to visit your premises with in 24hrs, make you an offer and clear your bankrupt stock in a fast and professional manner.

Liquidation Surplus

During the last few years we have been buying liquidation stock, this is due to companies going bankrupt and having stock to clear their stock. If you would like to buy or sell liquidated stock please contact our experienced team either my phone or email

We are thinking about selling our liquidation stock via our own on line auctions so watch this space, this could be really good for business start ups, can you imagine liquidation stock available like never before, we also realize many companies looking to clear stock fast would use our services.

how many more companies will pack up this year   it is a scary outlook for even the bravest business people. 

Liquidation stock, is now leading the way in supplying many market traders and small shops, they have never seen such low prices.

The financial year end has passed, will this make companies decide to move on their  excess inventory ? The obvious question is how on earth do business people get so much  overstocks

We get offered many items each day, toys, gardening,made in the uk, promotional stock,art and crafts, confectionery, furniture,clocks, clothing and fashion, power tools, bedding, beauty products, books, food buying, candles, cushions, lawn mowers , fabric wholesalers, food wholesalers , hair accessories ,  shoes , workwear, wedding gowns, prom dresses, drop shippers , key rings , disposable gloves, .

Who Has Liquidation Stock For Sale?

Here's how it usually works. A company will have overstock, which means they have too much of something and they want to clear out space. They will sell their inventory at a huge discount to a company like CW, who is then able to store that stock in their massive warehouse and offer it to consumers and other businesses at the same huge discount. It's a win-win-win situation. The company who needs to get rid of their inventory is able to sell it, CW is able to bring it to the consumers who are looking for discounts, and the customers get a great price on something they need.

Think about it this way...
A retail store has to keep the very latest models in stock, and if something isn't selling like hotcakes they're going to want to unload it as quickly as possible to make room for the new products that are on their way. Retail stores that belong to huge corporations don't have the same supply chain control as a liquidation store. As such, a liquidation store is able to take advantage and wait for the best buying opportunities from these retail stores, when they're forced to unload a lot of product at once. The liquidation stores then pass on those savings to the customer, you. You're getting the very same goods that came from the retail stores, except you're paying a fraction of the price.

Perhaps the retail store had to get rid of all of their red digital cameras, or dinner plates with a unique pattern because these items were out of trend and not selling great... If you were to find one at a liquidation store for a tenth of the original retail price, you might have a much easier time overlooking the pattern or color compared to somebody who has being offered the product at full retail price, right?

So, It's Not A Bunch Of Junk?
No, not at all. Liquidation stock is often the very same stuff you will find in retail stores for double the price, triple the price or even more. You can save a lot of money by shopping at liquidation stores because of the way they buy their inventory.

Same Brand Name Products, Much Lower Prices
Sometimes, liquidation stores will have off-brand products at a huge discount which is great if you don't mind the fact that you may not recognize the brand. It doesn't mean the product isn't good. A lot of the time, it could be a brand that's popular in another country that had a little trouble gaining traction in your country, so their products are being liquidated at a steep discount. 

How The Customer Benefits
The benefit to the consumer is obvious, much lower prices than they're used to paying! CW has a wide selection of many different products at incredible prices. As with any reputable liquidator, their inventory is always growing and changing, but here's a quick look at just some of the things you'll find:
- Designer clothing
- Clothes for work
- Stuff for your pets
- Digital security cameras
- Hospital and health equipment and supplies
- Stuff for the kitchen
- Lots more! 

Clearance Wholesale are experts when it comes to buying stock. They get the best prices, and they pass those prices on to their customers. 

For Smart Shoppers...
After taking into account all of the above, it's quite evident that liquidation stock is for smart shoppers. Some people buy everything at full retail price, when they could be saving a lot of money. Not only is a penny saved a penny earned, it's actually a lot more than that once you factor in the taxes you've paid on that income in the first place, but that's a whole other story. To keep things simple, buying your products from liquidation stores means you're paying less than you would be paying at retail.

If you need stock for your own store, CW are the experts you should be talking to. They can help you find just about anything, for a price that will allow you to make a tidy profit! 

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No deals are to small and no deals are to large, come on give us a call lets get dealing.

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what ever you are selling surplus stock buyers are waiting now, we are only a call away and ready to strike a deal, please call us for a fast responce, we always lead the way when it comes to paying more than the rest, thanks for looking.

Liquidation stock, for sale by auction is a way that is happening more and more now in the uk, we sent several pallets  the other day and we had an amazing result , yes the charges were about 15 % but overall we were happy with the end result.

If you want to give this a try then try sending a few items and see if it works for you.

If you are a company then give us a call and let us dispose of your stock for you.

Liquidations are still really busy in the uk.

Call us on 01472 210829 for a fast answer.