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Clearance Wholesale is the UK's largest wholesaler stock seller. Dealing in excess stock, liquidated stock, end of line products and surplus stock as well as general wholesale goods, Clearance Wholesale is currently stocking Crafty Bitz art supplies. The art and craft wholesalers buy excess stock and offer it at affordable prices, so consumers and business owners alike can get great value on art and craft supplies.

Whether you have a physical art and crafts store or deal exclusively online, a small neighbourhood store or a large operation, purchasing this Crafty Bitz stock is sure to result in considerable profit. Clearance Wholesale have over two and a half million kinds of art and craft supplies so you can get your hands on anything you may need or wish to provide to your customers. Individuals can pick and choose what they need from the extensive range on offer. Clearance Wholesale prides itself on exceptional customer service and it is because of this that you can call to discuss your stock requirements in depth.

This deal on Crafty Bitz wholesale art products does not have to be limited to business owners. Purchasing the minimum amount of one pallet of art and craft supplies would be a great investment for anyone wishing to use art and crafts as a hobby or scheduled activity. For instance, the art and craft supplies would be useful for a childminder, play school or daycare owner. Art is a great way to preoccupy children and the Crafty Bitz supplies could be used to make Mother's Day, Christmas, or Easter cards. Your creativity is the only limit for what you can do with the materials. Art and crafts is also a popular activity and the materials could be shared among a community centre or through a local club. For any organisation that schedules its member's activity, investing in some Crafty Bitz supplies will ensure that activity hour is fun and creative.

The Crafty Bitz stock on offer at Clearance Wholesale is also a great deal for any Ebay seller or other individual who makes and sells their own cards, bookmarks, invitations or place cards. For example, the art and craft wholesalers are currently stocking Crafty Bitz starter packs. These include everything you need to get crafty. Not only could you purchase these and resell them online yourself as mentioned, you could use the materials contained within them to replace your regular craft stockist, saving you money. For £500 customers will receive 20 Crafty Bitz starter packs. In reality, this stock is worth approximately £5,000. That's quite a saving but more notably, if you choose to use this stock to make your own card products that's also quite a profit. If you do wish to resell 20 starter kits and you offer them to customers for even half of the market value, that's a fantastic buy for the consumer and a notable £2,000 profit for you.

Images are available on request from Clearance Wholesale. Why not contact the art and craft wholesaler today on 01472 210829 to see what amazing deals you can pick up for your business. Interested buyers can also check out for more details on this and other great wholesale stock offerings. For more information email