Clearance Wholesale Merchandise Buying Tips For Retailers

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Experienced retailers understand the importance of selling the right products at the right price. It is an important factor to the success of your business to find the best sources of high-quality products. After you have decided on the products that you want to sell, the next step is to find places to source out clearance wholesale items. To help you with the hunt, here are important tips you can follow in buying wholesale merchandise.

1. Look Around

Before purchasing wholesale items for your retail business, it is ideal to do some research first. For example, you can visit a store that is selling products that you are planning to offer. Take note of the product variations as well as the brands they sell. Try to identify the products that are selling well and spot the items that are on clearance. If you are visiting a store that is not actually your competitor, you can ask the owner where he buys clearance wholesale items. Before placing your order for wholesale items, it is ideal to visit different sites and do price comparisons. Don’t buy from a website that you have found first, but try to look around first before your actual purchase.

2. Find Trader’s Market

Retailers usually find products to sell through online sites, becoming member of buying groups, using traditional sources, and participating in retailer’s market or trade shows. A buyer’s market is one of the ideal places to purchase wholesale items for your retail store. You can stumble upon many suppliers who are serving similar markets, and their product offerings. It is easy to find trade shows in UK online, but take note that these are often not open to the public. You must be prepared to identify yourself as an established retailer. Bring along your business cards, business licenses, and tax ID.

3. It’s Better to Have an Established Business

If your retail store is open and already doing business for at least one year, it will be easier for you to find wholesale suppliers. Once you have established your name in the industry, suppliers will look for you, instead of you searching for them.

4. Have a Budget

If you don’t have enough budget for wholesale purchases, this may not work out for you because this business transaction means ordering and buying in bulk. More often than not, you will be required to buy goods at a minimum of hundreds of pounds.

5. Check the Legitimacy of the Website

You should be aware that scammers are existing even in the industry of wholesale business. Bear in mind that there are websites that may seem to be fully operational stores, but are actually frauds. They make it appear like they are processing your order, but they don’t ship items or sell goods. They are only after your money. Hence, it is best to make certain that the website that you are interested in purchasing clearance wholesale items from is legitimate. Read reviews from previous buyers and check if the website is owned by a registered company.

6. Take Note of the Numbers

It is crucial that you sit down and determine how wholesale merchandise will make a significant change in your profit. More often than not, it could give you a profit margin. In some cases, however, you might not be able to achieve your profit targets if you do not buy and sell your merchandise at the right price. How well the products are moving in your store is also a factor that should be included in your computations. Overstocking will result in sleeping capital that could be used for other aspects of your retail business. Even if you have a credit line, the interest might accumulate reducing your potential profit margin.

7. Always Check the Quality of Clearance Wholesale Items

Aside from checking the legitimacy of the online website for wholesale trading, it is also important to check the reviews about the quality of the merchandise. Even the best companies have sub-par inventory. Hence, it is ideal that you do your homework and determine if there are product guarantees offered by the company. To be sure, read the fine print to check what you need to do if you receive wholesale items that are of poor quality.

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