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Clearance Wholesale are now buying all type of food including: frozen, dried, fresh, tinned, short dated and out of date food, we are food wholesalers interested in all types of dried, tinned & frozen food, we will buy all types of food in bulk. To protect your interested we work with many large manufacturers where we strip the food out of its retail boxes to protect your brand name.

We can offer you a fast payment and collection on all food due to the fast nature of this business we are always eager to complete a deal in record time.

We are buyers of all types of food including, chicken, all types of steak, fish, shell fish, baked goods, prepared goods and cooking ingredients - in fact we will have a go at absolutely anything frozen, dried fresh or short/out of date stock. 

Many food manufacturers always have excess stocks of foods some with short date and some that has been miss-manufactured so is therefore rejects. We will take these off your hands!

Please feel free to call us to discuss your frozen food you have for sale today, we will give you a fast answer and also an energetic reply to purchasing your frozen food.

So if you have any of the following situations we are here;

Buyers of frozen food, excess frozen food, surplus food buyers, buyers of surplus frozen food, buyers of short dated food

Please email or call us now.

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Frozen food storage is also not a problem as we work with many large freezer warehouses, Please call us now if you are looking to buy we may have stock to sell.

We are now looking for shortdate stock, end of line food, short sell by date.

What ever you are selling, drinks, biscuits, cereal bars, crisps, pot noodles, chocolates , drinks, meat, fish..

We can take food in bulk also all types of ingredients 

We are interested to no from any companies with short date drinks, we will look at anything from beer to soft drinks, clearance stocks of drinks are in demand.

Please give us a call we will make a fast decision, our money is ready to be transferred to you.

If you are selling any excess stocks of ready meals we have customers waiting and keen to buy.

This week we have been offered superman energy drinks!!! Who knows what will be offered to us tomorrow? Join our news letter for our daily stock changes!

We are interested in short dated stock, out of date food, buy out of date food, out of date food buyers, promotion stock, you name it we are waiting to purchase from you, we offer a fast reliable service .

Please call our food buyers on 01472 210829 , we are always available and ready for business

In today’s economic times, saving money in both your business and home budget is essential. Persons in a business related to the food industry know the importance of time and how time can mean great profits and losses. This is even truer when your stock is food that can spoil in matter of days or hours. Choosing the best surplus stock buyers for food products is extremely important and can be time sensitive if you are trying to move products before they spoil. Check out the reasons you should consider the Virrgo company, food buyers with experience in the purchase of overstock merchandise for over thirty years.

More businesses than ever before are closing their doors, making excess stock a huge risk for profit losses. When it comes to food products, however, selling over stock is necessary within hours. Choosing Virrgo means you will be visited within twenty four hours and your food products will be purchased. Virrgo is leading the way for overstock food buyers, so knowing you will have a way to sell the products you have in stock after going out of business starts with you contacting Virrgo. The professionals at Virrgo are dedicated to helping businesses, both large and small, that are in trouble with bankruptcy or other overstock problems.

Taking Care Of Holiday Food Products

Many foods are eaten at only certain times of the year, especially around the holidays. Many grocers and shops offer specialty foods during the holidays. However, when the holidays are over, keeping specialty food products can be an issue and a great loss of profits. Selling items at clearance prices may not move all the overstock you have for special holiday foods. Choosing to sell all overstock food products to experienced food buyers is the best idea for getting back your investment. You can also save a lot of money paying your employees over time for preparing clearance items.

Not everyone is considering how to sell their overstock, but how to get stock at the best prices. Wholesale dealers interested in getting the greatest variety of food products for resale should consider checking into the products offered by Virrgo. Meats, Dairy Products, processed foods and other ingredients are available for sale at great low wholesale prices. Stocking your shop can be more affordable when you choose suppliers that purchase overstock, making your prices even lower.

Save Time And Money By Planning Ahead

Choosing only the most experienced buyers of food is important. Knowing your products will not spoil while waiting to be picked up is a good feeling. By choosing Virrgo, you are choosing the years of experience that sets this company apart from the rest. Making back your investment in food products depends on your choices for food buyers. If you anticipate having left over food products from a sale or from a particular season, you might think about checking into the steps you will need to sell the products you have left over as overstock. Doing so can save you a great deal of time and money.

Short Sale Stock Options Are Available

No matter what type of food products you have in overstock, calling Virrgo is the best way to sell it. Virrgo has interest in frozen meats, dried food products and the products that have gone out of date. Getting your money back on your initial investment is easier through this type of sale. Short sell stock is never a problem and frozen foods can be taken care of easily. Contacting Virrgo about the food products you received from the manufacturer as rejects is also a good idea.

Learning More About Food Equipment

Restaurant owners and food catering businesses should know that all food equipment and apparatus can be sold along with overstock food products. Virrgo helps ease the stress for a food company going out of business. The wholesale dealer looking for food equipment can find great deals with this surplus food buyer as well. Starting your own food service business is easier when you have a surplus supplier that offers everything you need for doing so at the lowest prices possible.

Many food service owners feel overwhelmed with an overstock of food related supplies due to the risk of spoilage. Making plans ahead of time for any food products you may have left over is best to avoid this kind of stress and profit loss. Consider the times in your business when you may end up with products you cannot sell fast enough before spoilage dates are up. Contacting food buyers to take these kinds of products off your hands is the best way to plan ahead in the business that deals in food.

Please call us as we are always looking to purchase all types of food, one pallet or 200 pallets are not a problem.

With so much surplus stock of food available we are now using a new warehouse purpose built, we welcome everyone to visit us.

Business is so interesting at the moment and certainly changing.