E Shisha Sticks , assorted flavours , 500 inhales

E Shisha Sticks , assorted flavours , 500 inhales

We have fresh stock of some very high quality E Shish

E Shish E-cigs give you all the fresh flavour of smoking shisha molasses without the nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide or other toxins.

Individual e-cigs slip into most pockets and purses easily – they’re great for a night out


E-Shish 500 9 Piece Triangle

These units are made up of nine 500 puff units.

Flavours are blueberry, peach and strawberry

The larger triangular unit contains 9 individual sticks again in triangular packaging inside

No need for recharging or refilling.

Each e-cig is sleek and stylish with a vibrant colour depending on its flavour and has a crystal glowing tip

RRP £39.99

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