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Urinary & Bowel Incontinence Accessories

Medistocks are a leading supplier in incontinence supplies aiding all incontinence aids for the general public and global companies alike. We specialise in incontinence care and accessories in all different variations to meet your personal needs.

Pads, Nappies, Toilet & Bathroom Aids
Here at Medistocks we understand that incontinence is a very personal condition and that it affects us all differently, for this reason we supply all types of incontinence products so that you can find the right products for you.  We offer a large range of adult nappies, pads, toilet & bathroom aids, bedding, urinals, and many other accessories. These are available in all different varieties to suit your requirements such as disposable, reusable, washable, discrete and super absorbent. Brands currently in stock are: Tena, Abena, Attends, Kylie, Contifit, Abri-form, Euron, LILLE, Molicare & IndaSlip.

Top Incontinence Brands

We stock a very large variety of stock to suit your needs including products from top brands such as: TENA, LILLE Healthcare, Molicare, Abena, Attends, Contifit, Euron, Hartmann, Huggies, Kylie and IndaSlip as well as a very large range of unbranded incontinence supplies.

Conditions associated with incontinence

Many people of both male & female and all different ages can be affected by incontinence, this can be caused by trauma such as an accident or surgery, stress, medication side effects and also a series of medical conditions such as: postatitis, prostate cancer, enlarged prostate, Neurological disorders, obstructions, viral infections, hysterectomy patients, stroke, diabetes, muscle wasting conditions, IBS and many more. Incontinence is a common occurrence in people and we are well equipped to help deal with it.