Medical Supplies

Medical Supplies - Medical Auctions & Equipment, Incontinence Supplies, Patient Dry Wipes, 

Lots of people search for certain types of medical equipment and supplies, but don't know the best places or where to find them. Medical auctions are often held for people interested in purchasing medical surplus supplies and equipment for their homes or places of business. Places such as medical doctor's offices, dentists, chiropractics, optometrists, and hospitals, among others, often need extra medical supplies and equipment in their offices. Supplies and equipment can include things such as lab equipment, dental chairs, bandages, stretchers, and much more. In a medical auction, there are hundreds of different types of medical equipment available, and people can find many auctions online. 

Many organisations do not have the opportunity to clear their medical surplus. Medical clearances and surplus, are often the result of newer changes in technology, upgrades to systems and equipment, regulatory requirements, and more. Other organisations are glad to receive the equipment, knowing that it may help to benefit in saving a life. For buyers of medical stock, residual medical stock is often plentiful when certain companies order more stock than they intended to order, or their orders cancel out. Having more stock than needed, causes situations such as companies having medical stock for export available. Other companies are glad to step in and purchase the supplies, as well as export the extra items out. This type of situation also causes stock surplus, and most items are sold. The company has to gain back some of it's cash flow from situations such as this. 

People can often find medical clearance sales online, where companies are trying to clear their unneeded supplies and equipment. Medical clearance sales often help companies clear out unwanted inventory items. Medical buyers often visit medical auctions for the simple fact of purchasing the many clearance medical supplies that they know will be available for purchasing. Medical equipment buyers can keep up with the latest news on advancements in medical technology by going online, and reading different updated information. Hundreds of companies often advertise medical equipment that they have for sale, or equipment they are needing to buy. Buyers often buy medical equipment found in auctions, and in turn, sell it to other companies for a higher price. Hundreds of companies can be found online listing the type of medical equipment needed for their facilities, while others list equipment no longer needed.

Many companies and medical buyers want to, and do purchase medical stock that is end of the line stock. End of the line buyers try to make sales flow easy and convenient wherever they purchase equipment from. End of the line stock can include medical supplies and equipment such as disposable equipment, surgical equipment, Other supplies, blood testing equipment, syringes, examination equipment, and many other supplies.  Medical auctions may be the best way to go in purchasing equipment.

Patient Wipes

Patient Wipes are the ideal resourse in a large variety of care enviroments including, hospitals, care homes and patients own homes when visited by a care assistant. Patients also prefer to use this type of product on themselves as it "makes life easier". Patient wipes come in a large variety of types and pack sizes, to suit the need of everyone. Our Conti Wipes are our customers favourite brand and is prefered by patient and proffesional alike. 

Disposable gloves

The current market is buoyant with disposable gloves , with the current health and safety laws it will only grow. We at are one of the countries leading discounter of , latex gloves, nitrile gloves, vinyl gloves and many more. The customers are more and more interested in keen prices, this is were we are able to help, we have contracts with many large groups who sell disposable gloves in bulk to us.

Care home suppliers are interested in good prices as they sell to many nursing homes around the uk and they have hard margins to work to.

Nitrile gloves are so popular with many different companies, these vary from automotive supplies, oil companies, engineering companies and so many more it is vast.

Latex gloves are very in demand with surgeries, veterinary supplies, dental supplies, hospitals and lots more. Vinyl gloves are a big hit with food manufacturers and can you imagine how many they get through. Maybe it is time to visit us or call us we are here to do business on all types of disposable gloves.