Clearance Wholesale are without a doubt one of the most prominent companies in stock clearance, end of lines and manufacturers problem stock. We understand each and every angle of the work required, which comes from over 30 years industry experience.

As a VAT registered company we offer you peace of mind and our 100% trustworthy service - ask any of our buyers or sellers!

We work with major funding, so the size of the deal is no problem and you will always be paid in advance. We are available anytime, so contacting us is never a problem.

Manufacturers & Brand Owners

We understand that many companies do not wish for their stock to be sold everywhere, as this can destroy all the work they have carried out and also impact on their future business in the years ahead, so we are equipped to debrand the stock or sell to an agreed upon country.

We have heard many horror stories over the years where certain companies have won contracts, moved the goods and in several days they turn up for sale causing a major impact. We are an open and honest company that would never do that to you, we are here to help and protect your achievements and work closely with you as a team.

What Stock Do We Buy?

This is a question that pops up almost daily; we get calls from all walks of life, from major plc companies to small shops that are having cash flow trouble, so really we are game for almost anything and everything, just give us a try.

As trusted clearance stock buyers we are here to help you with the following:

  • Stock Clearance
  • Wholesale Clearance Stock
  • Wholesale Clearance Products
  • Wholesale Clearance Pallets
  • Pallet Stock
  • Redundant Stock
  • Bulk Stock
  • Surplus Stock
  • Excess Stock
  • End Of Lines
  • End Of Line Stock
  • Manufacturers Problem Stock
  • Catalogue Surplus
  • Ex-Catalogue Stock
  • Ex-Catalogue Clearance
  • Returned Stock
  • Overstock
  • Stock Lots
  • Job Lots
  • Market Stock
  • Finance Reposessions
  • Bankrupt Stock
  • Liquidation Stock
  • Liquidated Stock
  • Unwanted Stock
  • Salvage Stock
  • Frustrated Imports & Exports
  • Abandoned Stock
  • Warehouse Clearance
  • Factory Clearance
  • Shop Clearance
  • Shop Fittings
  • Car Boot Sale Supplies
  • All Plastic Buying
  • Plastic Collectors
  • Plastic Recycling
  • Plastic Recyclers
  • Trade Buyers
  • Giftware Buyers
  • Short Dated Food Buyers
  • Short Dated Drink Buyers

Our UK Locations

We operate several offices, so meetings are not a problem, with locations in central London, Doncaster, Lincoln and Grimsby, we are never too far away.

Our Simple Stock Buying Service

  • Fast Decisions
  • Instant Funds
  • Same Day Collection
  • All Types Of Stock Wanted

We are the UK's leading wholesale clearance stock buyers, available 7 days a week. Call our stock buying team today on 01472 210 829.

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