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Nearly all manufactures, wholesalers and general companies from time to time haveĀ redundant stock. This eventually causes problems with space and then costs money to store and prevents you from buying in more stock.

If your company has redundant stocks we offer you an excellent opportunity to release capital back into your business. Our experienced team of buyers at Clearance Wholesale travel the length and breath of the UK in search of dead stock. We can offer your company cash for your non-moving goods, alleviating you of the expense and burden of endless storage.

Working alongside some of Europe's leading manufacturers, we have developed excellent business relationships with our suppliers based on trust. All suppliers are assured that transactions are treated with the utmost confidentiality. We strive to ensure that nobody in your home market gets to know about your surplus stocks. We have buyers worldwide, so working outside of your home market is never an issue for us.

In order to guarantee this we work by a very rigid company policy. We only sell to customers known to us or through personal introductions from existing customers. Wherever possible we sell direct to actual trade users. Our large customer base of companies and traders in Africa and other developing countries, absorb most of our stock.

Our strict policy of only selling to companies we know and trust, allows us to assure you that goods never reappear in your home market and has earned us our enviable reputation for high supplier loyalty.

Why not call the experts? We have the experience to give you a good price for all your excess stock and if required give you a contact for on-going business. With our experience our highly trained staff are ready and waiting to take you details down today and make your transaction quick and easy for all those involved.

It doesn't matter what your redundant stock is, we are interested in buying it. There is an immediate market for all of the material you need to get out of your warehouse or store.

We are the largest stock clearance buyers in the United Kingdom. We purchase all materials that are no longer wanted or needed across the globe. We deal in small consignments or huge groupings of stock, liquidation materials and also simply overstocked material.

Due to a large increase in sales overseas we urgently require redundant stock. As trusted buyers of clearance stock in the UK we can be with you with out delay, why not call us now for an enthusiastic reception?

We do understand that many companies have products that are branded for their shelves only. This is not an issue as our professionals will undertake the debranding of these items. We do know the effect of selling, on the open market, a large quantity of branded materials. That is why we take pains to ensure the safety of your reputation and that of your world class products. We will do nothing to bring additional problems onto you because of this. We will not sell into your home market and can export goods out of Europe if required. We can also changed the use for the product if possible.

We purchase redundant stock from many high profile manufacturers, retailers and wholesale companies. We are a discreet company that makes sure all of the liquidated, outdated and unused material gets out of their storage and to clients who need the best price in the world for their shelves and processing plants.

We areĀ in the unique position to assist in your need to move your stock when you require it. That could be catering and industrial supplies, food and drink, gardening tools, plants and soil, power tools and equipment, pet products, stationery, household supplies and clothes, both children's and adults. We also provide a blanket offer for all material, stocks and office equipment because of bankruptcy and liquidation.

When you have redundant stock to sell it makes a hole in your operating budget to hold onto it. It could be that your company car fleet that is draining your budget. Those seasonal items that are taking up space in your back room could be sold to purchase the items you need now to provide your clients with the best buying experience.

Are you looking to make use of any kind of plastics? We are the firm to take it off your hands. Any type of redundant stock to sell is what we are interested in. That could be cars, vans and trucks, giftware, paper goods, medical stock and many other items, whether on pallets or loose. Residual stock is a really big part of our business we are always keen to purchase your redundant stock.

We have been in business for over 30 years and during that time, we have helped many clients when they have had redundant stock to sell. We have had many conversations with businessmen and women when the discussion revolved around such questions as, "Who can help me to sell my redundant stock?" and "What can I do with all of that material left over from the re-tooling we did last year?"

We were able to give very satisfying quotes for their entire stock and they were able to move on to the next phase of their expansion options. Many of these were in the areas of clothing and accessories, footwear, health and beauty aides, care home supplies, supplements and exercise equipment, furniture and electronics of all kinds. The list is just about endless.

Are you in the market for wholesale materials to start your own business? We buy in bulk from many places, both here and abroad. We have the items you need to start or expand your business and have the best prices for you on that front as well. The number of companies we routinely purchase from keeps our stocks ready for quick purchase and delivery wherever they are needed. If you need something, somebody else has already called to have us buy it from them and it's ready for you.

We are available, seven days a week, to make sure that your redundant stock is taken care of in a quick, efficient manner. The resources of all of our professionals stand ready to be of assistance to you.

If you would like to buy or sell redundant stock please contact our experienced team either by phone or email.

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