Sell your Bankrupt Stock to Clearance Wholesale We have been purchasing bankrupt stock for over 30 years and understand all the ins and outs. At Clearance Wholesale, we offer a large selection of bankrupt stock for sale at incredibly low prices. Feel free to browse our inventory at your leisure. If you are interested in buying or selling bankrupt stock, please give us a call. What Is Bankrupt Stock & Bankruptcy? Bankrupt stock is owned by shareholders in publicly traded companies who seek legal protection from their creditors in court. A judge determines the disposition of the company's assets, often resulting in liquidation to pay off debts or a reorganization plan to continue operations. Creditors are typically repaid in a standard order: government financial institutions, other creditors, bondholders, preferred shareholders, and common shareholders. However, the value of the stock is often significantly reduced, leaving shareholders with only a fraction of its original worth. Who Owns Bankrupt Stock? Shareholders of a bankrupt company can include executives, employees, and those who have purchased stock on public exchanges. Bankrupt companies may no longer meet listing requirements, leading their stock to trade on platforms like the OTCBB or Pink Sheets. What Are The Risks? Investors view purchasing bankrupt stock as an opportunity to profit from economic downturns or potential company recoveries. However, there are significant risks, including the possibility of holding worthless stock or missing out on more profitable investments. How Do Bankrupt Stocks Exist At All? Despite a company's zero value upon bankruptcy filing, speculators may purchase its stock at minimal prices. Additionally, residual value in common stock post-declaration may contribute to its continued existence. What Is The Potential Upside? While rare, some bankrupt companies successfully turn around and return to profitability. For example, General Motors filed for bankruptcy but later regained profitability. Where Can I Get Help? For more information about bankruptcy, visit Step Change. They offer superb advice, help, and support.
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