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Are you trying to get rid of stock which is cluttering your premises and want the opportunity to make some extra cash? You may have excess stock and are trying to get rid of it or have just moved into abandoned premises. Whatever your situation may be, if you have stock to sell, we provide instant stock clearance solutions. We are a reputable company that buys any of your surplus goods in exchange for cash. We are your one-stop-shop for all types of stock to sell. Whether it's clothes, shoes, toys, tools, homewares, household goods, electronics, gadgets, books, arts and crafts materials, food stock, medical stock, plant equipment and machinery. You name it, we sell it!

We are a top notch stock buying company that you can trust. We have funds in excess to buy your stock and pay you in advance. We have contacts with various trusted dealers who can offer you the best price on all of your surplus stock.

How Do I Sell My Unwanted Stock?

No matter what stock you have and what your circumstances are, we buy all types of stock including, discontinued or excess stock, end of lines, liquidation stock, salvage stock, including stock from shipping accidents, frustrated imports and exports, and abandoned stock from warehouses, offices and commercial or residential buildings.

In order to sell your excess stock all you need to do is contact us today, we'll take care of the rest. We evaluate your consignment and make you an offer. We make sure you get the best deal and offer more than most companies, ensuring you get a fair price for your unwanted stock.

We like to think of ourselves as "The Happy Company" and offer a fast reliable stock purchasing service. We have over 30 years experience of buying and selling stock, forging close business relationships with suppliers from across the globe, offering our customers the perfect stock shifting solution.

What Stock We Purchase

Unwanted goods tend to accumulate over time and as a stockist you may feel compelled to bring in newer inventory if your outdated inventory is not selling. There may be a huge customer demand for new lines as fashion and fads are constantly changing. So if you need to sell your stock we can help you shift it fast. We can buy all of your stock to sell, making space for the new stock you desire to bring in. So you don't suffer losses, sell your stock to us and solve your cash flow problems.

Sometimes you may purchase stock without adequate estimation of the market demand only to discover later that the demand has gone down for one reason or another and therefore you have excess stock. In other instances, some stock you bought may overstay on your shelves and is therefore no longer wanted since it has outlived its usefulness.

You may want a quick clearance of old stock to bring in new stock. Where do your dispose of the unwanted stock? It's important that you sell your unwanted stock to buyers who give you its worth, or at least its cost so that you do not incur any losses.

You may have food stocks that are approaching their expiry date and need selling fast. If the food doesn't sell you are left with nothing, as the food will have to be disposed of resulting in huge losses. Our company can buy your food stocks, solving your problems, as we keep our promise of buying absolutely anything.

We buy any types of medical stocks as care homes and health providers are often in search of medical supplies in bulk, such as disposable gloves, sanitary pads and other medical supplies.

We're versatile and flexible, we buy not only small items but specialise in large items as well. We're prepared to buy anything ranging from small electrical appliances and gadgets to heavy machinery. We even buy vehicles and sell them on our site. We also buy computers and mobile phones which you may be overstocked with or simply need to sell to get the latest models in.

For selling your scrap plastic we are the very best place. Whether you have a bulk of plastic or just a single pallet, no matter what the quantity we want to buy it. So if you have a variety of goods to shift we can buy them all, you don't need to worry about it.

We are able to adapt to the ever changing business climate and are proficient in shifting your goods for you. We deal with sales professionally, courteously and effectively.

We are professionals in stock buying and are at the forefront of the wholesale clearance market. We understand all aspects of retail and are available 7 days a week. We have a team experts in the field of buying and selling stock and our dedicated customer service is second to none. We are able to answer all the queries you may have. So if you've got surplus stock to sell don't hesitate, contact us today.

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